KEep and Create Jobs

Bill Roemer’s top priority is making Ohio more competitive so we can keep and create jobs right here in our community. Roemer will cut excessive government red tape, and work with small businesses on tax and regulatory reforms so businesses can spend less time on paperwork and more time growing and creating jobs.

Bill Roemer on creating jobs
Bill Roemer on putting schools first

Putting Our Schools First

As a long time substitute teacher and tutor and as Vice President of the Summit Educational Service Center, Bill Roemer has worked to help our schools and students achieve success. In Columbus, he will cut unfunded state mandates and fight for our share of the state budget so teachers can teach and students can learn and succeed.


Balance the Budget

Bill Roemer will put his expertise as a Certified Public Accountant to work to protect our tax dollars by scrutinizing state spending, cutting waste and balancing the budget.  Bill fought tax increases as a member of Summit County Council and will do the same in Columbus.

Bill Roemer on fighting tax increases
Bill Roemer on fighting the opioid epidemic

Fighting the Drug Epidemic

Ohio is facing a drug epidemic. Bill Roemer will bring together state and local leaders, including local police, law enforcement and addiction specialists, to develop comprehensive solutions that best meet the needs of our community.


Working for Government Transparency

Serving as Vice President of the Summit ESC, Roemer led the implementation of Ohio Checkbook which allows residents to review government spending.  He has attended meetings in every community across the 38th district meeting residents and elected leaders learning about the issues and opportunities in every community.

Bill Roemer on government transparence